Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Rice Terrace Tegalalang is a tourist attraction with a dominant rice fields staircase steps, hilly terraced rice fields so that the system is used.With a system of terracing makes Tegalalang has its own uniqueness.

Rice Terrace Tegalalang

Anyone guaranteed to linger in Tegalalang Rice Terrace for its natural beauty, stunning also the cool air. Away from the bustle of big cities and air pollution. Here you will see the Balinese farmer plowing and maintain their rice fields in the hills sloping complete with irrigation systems that continue to drain the water from the mountains.

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace has become a natural attraction quite popular with tourists, especially those coming from the big cities. In every day they come to just calm down, observing the beauty of nature, or get closer to nature. Terrace skinny estimated to have existed since the 9th century and maintained and guarded keasriannya by village farmers have until now.

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With serve as a tourist attraction, the villagers of Ceking together with local village officials to provide facilities for tourists who come, like many souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants along the way this Ceking village. In addition many of the hawkers offering Balinese accessories.

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace Information

  1. Entrance ticket IDR 10.000/person
  2. Open Time : 07.00 Am - 17.00 Pm
  3. Open Everyday
  4. Toilet Available Here
  5. Parking Available
  6. Restaurant Available
  7. Address : Jalan Raya Ceking Tegalalang
  8. 082237804939
  • Open : 08.00 AM
  • Close: 06.00 PM