Ayung Rafting And Pandawa Beach

Ubud River Rafting

combination packages rafting on the Ayung river with beautiful unspoiled beaches in pandawa beach. we provide two different places that we guarantee you will really enjoy rafting as a sport and recreational activity in new beach with a lot of activities. read clearly the packages we offer so that you can prepare for this tour well

pandawa beach

First Rafting Tour At Ayung River

First tour we start tour for rafting. Arrive at start point tour guide takes you to the lobby for a welcome drink and sign the insurance form. Next you will taken to the locker room and was given rafting equipment such as life jackets, helmets, paddles rafting. if you prepare a sunscreen you can use before we rafting. after completion wearing rafting equipment, tour guides will explain the rules in rafting, make sure you understand what is explained, because it is very helpful when we rafting later.

ubud river rafting

Explore Ayung River

when you pass Ayung river, on the right and left of you seen a high cliff, the scenery is very beautiful, in some corner of the cliff you can see a small waterfall that drops from the top of the cliff, making beautiful little rainbow. we will bring you to rest point at one of the waterfalls, you can take pictures and for a moment swim here.

ubud river rafting

Beautiful Hill Carving

After passing through high cliffs you will see beautiful carved cliff, tells the story of Ramayana. This place is the spot for you to take a photo. continued with the riverside scenery beautiful rice fields, and some beautiful hotels and villas built on the river side. rafting continue till finish point

ubud river rafting

Finish Tour And Lunch

after completion of Ayung Rafting, you can shower with toiletries that we provide, such as towels, soap and shampoo. if you've finished you are welcome for lunch. enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying your lunch.

ubud river rafting

Go To Pandawa Beach

after finishing lunch, tour package Rafting And Pandawa Beach we continue heading to pandawa beach,located beach in bukit peninsula area with have a lot of beautiful beach such as blue point,labuan sait and pandawa beach.

pandawa beach

First See At Pandawa Beach

Beach Pandawa is beach access and facilities newly refurbished, is seen from the limestone cliffs that are opened and widened with limestone wall high, is clearly seen that this beach will be one of the tourist destinations on the island of Bali, because we can enjoy this beach from every angle.

pandawa beach

five statues Pandawa Icon This Beach

The first impression that you will get once they reached beach pandawa is "Spectacular!" limestone hill towering neat and statues of the Panca Pandawa will welcome you. yes, the angle in the limestone wall pandawa beach there are five statues of the Pandawa height of 5 meters each with a width of 2.5 meters as icons on this beach. Turning to beaches, As well as other beautiful beach on the island of Bali, pandawa beach has fine white sand with clear blue water.

pandawa beach

Activities In Pandawa Beach

There are a variety of interesting activities that you can do on the beach pandawa and this is the reason why this beach is very popular. besides enjoying beach directly like swimming, playing water or just take pictures together. there is also a watersport activity to do is play Canoe and Kayak, with the capacity to reach 3, you can do alone with that special someone. You can also choose to sit back in the canoe or kayak, usually local managers can also be a rower for you. This activity is quite safe to do because usually done during low tide which is very quiet and fairly shallow. Also available is also a life jacket (life jacket) as well as the life guard is always watching.

pandawa beach
pandawa beach

After completion enjoying the evening atmosphere in Pandawa beach tour we finished here. if enough time we can help you to have dinner before turning to the hotel. we can help you find a wonderful place to dinner, such as in southern Bali is famous for sea food


Approximate time of tourTime
Arrive At Lobby09.30 AM
Start Rafting10.00 AM
Rafting Tour10.00 - 11.00 AM
Finish Rafting12.00 Pm
Lunch Time12.30 Pm
Go To Pandawa Beach13.00 Pm
Arrive At Pandawa Beach14.30 Pm
Explore Pandawa Beach15.00 - 18.00 Pm

Tour Include

  1. Return Hotel Transfers
  2. All Safety Rafting Equipment
  3. Experience River Rafting Guides
  4. Changing Room
  5. Shower Facilities
  6. Welcome Drink
  7. Towels
  8. Water Resistans Bag
  9. Lunch
  10. Ticket Pandawa Beach
  11. Private Transport
  12. Personal insurance coverage
  13. Minimum Booking 2 Person
  14. A family consist of two adults and children between 7-12 years old.

What To Bring

  1. Short Pants or Swimsuit
  2. Change of Clothes or Dry Clothes
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Spotshoes or Sandals
  5. Camera
  6. Money for optional drink or Souvenirs
  7. Cash,Credit or Debet
  8. Price Range $$ 55

Detail Schema Prices

Rafting + Pandawa BeachAdultChild
Person 1 - 6USD 50USD 25
Person 7 - 12USD 48USD 23
Person 13 - 18USD 45USD 20